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9781408827857Dogstar Rising, March 13

Makana – who fled his home in Sudan a decade ago – has a premonition that history may be about to repeat itself. Hired to investigate threats that have been made to a hapless travel agent Makana finds himself drawn to Meera, a woman who knows what it is like to lose everything and who needs his help. But Makana’s troubled past is trying to lay claim to him once again, this time in the form of a dubious businessman who possesses a powerful secret. When Makana witnesses a brutal killing he attracts the attention of both the state security services and a dangerous gangster family. His search for answers takes him from the labyrinths of Cairo to the ancient city of Luxor and an abandoned monastery in the desert, into a web of intrigue and violence. ebook_logo_white

9781408830369The Golden Scales, paperback March 13

Makana is a former police inspector who fled for his life to Cairo from his native Sudan seven years ago. When the notorious and powerful Saad Hanafi hires him to track down a missing person Makana is in no position to refuse him. Hanafi, whose past is as shady as his fortune is glittering, is the owner of Cairo’s star-studded football team. His most valuable player has just vanished and Adil Romario’s disappearance threatens to bring down not only Hanafi’s private empire, but the entire country. But why should the city’s most powerful man hire its lowliest private detective?ebook_logo_white


New Releases

9781408835166The Innocence Game, May 13

The first day of class for Ian Joyce and Sarah Gold starts like any other, until a fellow student, Jake Havens, pulls a wrinkled envelope from his jacket. Inside is a blood-stained scrap of shirt from a boy murdered fourteen years ago and an anonymous note taking credit for the killing. The only problem is the man convicted of the murder is already dead. Suddenly, the class has a new assignment: find the real killer. As the case unravels, the bodies and questions begin to pile up. Why are innocent men being framed in Chicago? And who’s been getting away with murder? As the hunt for a serial killer unfolds, the students realise they too are being hunted by the very men and women sworn to uphold the law. These students are smart… but are they smart enough to stay alive? ebook_logo_white

9781408830413We All Fall Down, paperback May 13

A light bulb falls in a subway tunnel and releases a pathogen that could kill millions. People begin to die, especially on the city’s grim west side. The government seals off whole sections of the city – but are they keeping people out or in? Cop-turned-PI Michael Kelly is hunting the people who poisoned his city. He is taken into the underworld of Chicago’s west side gangs and the frightening world of black biology – an elite discipline emerging from the nation’s premier labs, where scientists play God and will stop at nothing to preserve their secrecy.ebook_logo_white

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Sign of the Cross, July 13

When his uncle and aunt are found dead, Spike Sanguinetti must cross the Mediterranean to Malta for their funerals, leaving the courtroom behind. But the more he learns about their violent deaths, the more he is troubled by one thing: what could have prompted a mild-mannered art historian to stab his wife before turning the knife upon himself? Reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Zahra, Spike embarks on a trail that leads from the island’s squalid immigrant camps to the ornate palazzos of the legendary Knights of St John. In Malta, it seems, brutality, greed and danger lie nearer to the surface than might first appear. ebook_logo_white

9781408831397Shadow of the Rock, paperback June 13

Summer in Gibraltar. Lawyer Spike Sanguinetti arrives home to find an old friend, Solomon Hassan, waiting on his doorstep. He is accused of murdering a Spanish girl found with her throat cut on a beach in Tangiers and the Moroccan authorities want him back. Spike travels to Tangiers to try to delay Solomon’s extradition, and there meets a Bedouin girl investigating the disappearance of her father, a trail which leads back to Solomon. Does he really know his friend? Spike is drawn into a dangerous game of secrets, corruption & murderous lies.ebook_logo_white


New Releases

9781408837511The Feast of Artemis, Aug 13

The olive harvest is drawing to a close in the town of Dendra, and when  Hermes Diaktoros arrives for the celebratory festival he expects an  indulgent day of food and wine. But as young men leap a blazing bonfire  in feats of daring, one is badly burned. Did he fall, or was he pushed?  Then, as Hermes learns of a deep-running feud between two families, one  of their patriarchs dies. Determined to find out why, Hermes follows a  bitter trail through the olive groves to reveal a motive for murder, and  uncovers a dark deed brought to light by the sin of gluttony.ebook_logo_white

9781408831489The Bull of Mithros, paperback July 13

The languid calm of the island of Mithros is broken by the unorthodox arrival of a stranger who has been thrown overboard in the bay. But is he truly a stranger? To some, his face seems familiar. The arrival of the investigator Hermes Diaktoros coincides with a violent and mysterious death. As Hermes sets about solving the complex puzzle of who is guilty and who is innocent, he discovers a web of secrets and unspoken loyalties, and it soon becomes clear that the bull of Mithros is the least of the island’s shadowy mysteries. ebook_logo_white

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97814088212519781408821268 9781408821275 9781408809853TheWhispers


New Releases


The Memory Theatre, Sept 13
The victim, Sofia Fontana, the sole witness to a previous shooting, had been under the questioning of Magistrate Principe, whose deteriorating health is affected by the sad fate of this attractive young woman he had become fond of. Sidestepping protocol, Blume takes the case from Principe. His enquiries lead from a professor with a passion for the Art of Memory to a hospitalised ex-terrorist whose injuries have left her mind innocently blank, and back twenty years to a murderous train station bombing in central Italy. But Blume’s disregard for authority, and refusal to kowtow to the politics endemic to the Carabinieri, look set to derail not just the investigation, but his troubled relationship with colleague Caterina Mattiola…ebook_logo_white

9781408831564The Namesake, paperback Sept 13

When magistrate Matteo Arconti’s namesake, an insurance man from Milan, is found dead outside the court buildings in Piazza Clodio, it’s a coded warning to the authorities – a clear message of defiance and intimidation. Commissioner Alec Blume, all too familiar with Rome’s criminal underclass, knows little of the Calabrian mafia currently under investigation by the magistrate. Handing control of the murder inquiry to his partner Caterina Mattiola, Blume goes in search of answers, setting off on a journey into the deep dark south of Italy…ebook_logo_white

Previous titles

TheFatalTouch 9781408809921


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